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Sometimes helping a child overcome a disability is like piecing together a quilt. Here is an example of how little steps and persistence can create a "pattern" for success.

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Administration and Supervision of Special Education Services

Funds from many sources support the provision of special education and related services: federal (competitive and noncompetitive grants; Medicaid reimbursements), state (primarily pupil and personnel reimbursements), and local (local tax dollars). The management of funds from diverse sources is one important administrative service provided to districts.

The collection, verification, and reporting of special education data is mandated by both the state and federal governments. Data management services allow districts to receive federal funds, submit claims for state reimbursements, monitor indicators of program quality, anticipate service needs, and inform the public.

Tri-County assists districts with the implementation of special education policies and procedures. One notable example is supporting the management of students’ special education records.